Half of Americans are pure, unadulterated a-holes: poll

WASHINGTON – Half of Americans reject President Barack Obama’s lawsuit against Arizona’s controversial immigration law, with only a third supporting the move, according to a Gallup poll released Friday.  The result was much greater than predicted by the American Center for Study of Bigotry and Dadgummery. 

With key midterm elections just around the corner for the country of immigrants in November, the Obama administration is facing strong support for the law, which makes it a crime to be in the state — bordering Mexico — without proper immigration papers.

“Frankly, we knew that there was strong racist feeling in the country,” said the director of the Center’s Phoenix branch, Tim Deary, “I mean, look at the popularity of that white power tea party movement.  However, we’re shocked by Gallup’s results.  Now, you’ll have to excuse me, since I have to run home and grab my passport.”

The poll noted that those who followed news about the law most closely were most likely to oppose it.  Unspoken was the understanding that those who support the law were likely illiterate.

Obama’s Democratic administration is seeking an injunction through the Justice Department to stop the Arizona law from going into effect on July 29, slamming it as unconstitutional, abusive, divisive, and just plain f-ed up.

“You’ll have to pry this law from my cold, dead hands,” responded Arizona Jan Brewer at a press conference Thursday.  She then proceded to defecate on a copy of the Bill of Rights while humming Toby Keith’s “American Ride.”

Nearly eight in 10 Republicans (79 percent) opposed the lawsuit, while 56 percent of Democrats were in favor of the Obama administration’s decision.  Additionally, 44 percent of the survey’s Democratic respondents were Republicans.

 Overall, 50 percent of Americans said they were against the move, compared to 33 percent in favor.  Other polls have also shown strong national support for Arizona’s measure, the first law making illegal immigration a state crime. 

“The Obama administration is sailing against the tide of public opinion in its efforts to block the law, although members of Obama’s own party certainly support the administration,” Gallup said. “Oh, and also, we only poll white people.”

But the political implications of the federal government’s decision are “difficult to predict with precision” with less than four months remaining before legislative and gubernatorial elections, it added. 

One thing is for certain, Americans do not not hate brown people.

Source material – http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100709/pl_afp/usimmigrationpoliticspoll_20100709142254


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