Music Section – Best Coast, “Boyfriend”

Welcome to The Standard Standard, your source for second hand news.  As CMJ’s new release CD informed my music consumption in the early aughts, is my source for new music mp3.   Here’s some of the subjective best. (Note: download links are usually active for 1-2 weeks. If you can’t get the file, do an search and you’re bound to find an active link.)

After listening to a best summer music podcast of NPR’s All Songs Considered (the show’s blog) hosted by a nose-whistling Bob Boilen and featuring my music snob crush, MonitorMix’s Carrie Brownstein, I was surprised by the abundance of selections by the critics of tasty pop songs for summer.  One song featured hit number one on the Hot Tracks board, Best Coast’s “Boyfriend” (here’s a link to Mad Mackeral’s blog to download the mp3).

Best Coast (myspace, blog) is an L.A.-based band fronted by Bethany Cosentino.  That’s as much research as I’m going to do; if you want to know more, here’s a link to Pitchfork and to a pre-performed Google search.  Quick track review: “Boyfriend” (2010) sounds like a Mark “I’m a punchline” Ronson production, a slice of nostalgia filled with sun-soaked reverb, fifties-girl group vocalizations and lyrics that slyly hide modern sensibilities behind bubblegum material.  This is a pretty good summer pop song for those who love short ditties of longing, but after the tenth listen, I’m less than impressed by the simplicity of the song’s overall sound.  I’d suggest giving a listen to The Indelicates “Sixteen” (2007) for similar subject matter presented with more musicality, replacing the nostaglia to the 80’s.

One more recording featuring Best Coast – a Converse summer jam called “All Summer” featuring Best Coast with Kid Cudi and Rostam Batmanglij (from Vampire Weekend).  Love that they’re rocking the bell.  This is a decent track, nothing special, but whetting the appetite as we wait for Cudi’s next album, due later this year. Two links to the song: We All Want… and Nashville Night.


One other new track to mention: the new Of Montreal song “Coquet Coquette,” which releases on the new album False Priest in September, is a driving jam of a song.  The energy is infectious and, as always, features Kevin Barnes’ interesting singing.  The song is definitely much more straight forward than the last few Of Montreal releases, making False Priest a definite checkout when it releases. Download from Thieves By Tuesday  or check out results.

Finally, just because I want to pimp my favorite album of the year, check out Yeasayer.  You can download two of their best tracks off of their 2010 release, Odd Blood.  Go to The Audio Muffin to download “Ambling Arp” and to We All Want… to get “O.N.E.”


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