It came from – The Roots, “How I Got Over” and more

After the last two downer releases, and a new gig as house band for the Jimmy Fallon show, I for one wasn’t expecting a good showing from South Philly’s Roots crew.  The new album, “How I Got Over,” features a return to the sounds of their earlier records with an emphasis on a soulfulness, a marked departure of their recent recordings. 

The two tracks for preview are the title track (featuring Dice Raw), a meditation on the streets that plays over a funky soul beat, and the song “Dear God 2.0” which features a sample of  Jim Jones and the Monsters of Folk.  Both singles are wonderfully roomy and great listens. 

Download How I Got Over from The New Montreal.

Download Dear God 2.0 from Backseat Sandbar.

While at the Backseat Sandbar page, download the track “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells, a great summer track that will definitely be a contender for my end of the year top 25 tracks.  Fun, breathy girl vocals over laid back pop instrumentation, it’s everything you want while driving down a sun-drenched highway (they’ve even got fingersnaps!).

If you don’t like Outkast, then you probably need to jump off a bridge and kill yourself.  Yes, that’s how I feel about the duo from the ATL, who match propulsive beats that force movement from stiff limbs with an entertaining sense of lyrical humor in their rapping.  Now comes a solo record from Big Boi, the lothario of the duo, that is essentially one long come-on made listenable due to the same dynamic of Outkast success: big bass and creativity.  “Shutterbug,” a track featuring Cutty, is a bouncy track that should be playing at the clubs right now.  “Lookin’ For You,” the only track that features Andre 3000 (who apparently was kept from the project due to record company politics), is a more straightforward song compared to the more creative “Shutterbug,” but leaves the Outkast fan wanting the duo to come out with a new Outkast record.

Download the tracks “Shutterbug” and “Lookin’ For You” from Musical Pairings.


One Response to It came from – The Roots, “How I Got Over” and more

  1. StandardDave says:

    Holy fucking shit, Shutterbug kills. Big Daddy Fat Sax is great, too … while it can get a little vulgar for casual listening, it’s a near-perfect party record. I played a few tracks at a huge going-away party in Chicago, and Shutterbug had limbs flying all over the place. Most of them were attached to human bodies.

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