Double D’s Partyin’ the USA – Things to Do This Weekend

From special contributor Davey “Double D” Dombrowsky, professional man about towns and raconteur.  Double D knows what to you should do this weekend.



After waking up from Thursday’s get together at the Top of the Standard in NYC’s Meatpacking District (it’s always a late night when hanging with Leo…DiMarco, part-time ‘tender of Greenwich’s Slaughtered Lamb Pub), you’ll want to head on over to The Central New York Modern Art Expo Center on W. 55th from 2-7pm for their 4th annual “Art Splat and Egg Sale,” where you can get some awesome poached eggs and egg-based artwork.  I picked up a Damian Hurzt “Poop Egg” last year and I’ll keep my eye out for other valuable ovum.  After that, get out of the Why-C, cause it’s dead on Fridays, and head down to Wilmington, Delaware for dinner at Charcoal Pit on Concord Pike, where I have it on good authority (a certain hottie from Delaware, Valerie Bertinelli, total cougar yum) that this is the place to spot some A-listers like Justine Bieber (sister of Justin and star of the new Family Ties webisodes) and good friend (and, oh, VP of the USA) Joe Biden.  After you fill up on their black and white shakes, head down to D.C.’s “Race Relations Ball and Car Auction” in Friendship Heights from 6-11pm.  If that’s not enough, you can head over to hot club UltraBar in D.C., where you can dance to super-DJ Skeet Skeet and hang out with reality star Missy Dugout from MTV’s “Sober Academy House.”  If you’re looking for a quieter awesome night out in the mid-West, you have to get out to Des Moines’ own Twisted Parrot Lounge and meet Gassy Gus of Frankie & KoKo Morning ShowShow fame (appearance from 8-10pm) and the Hot 107 FM PregBabes.  If you’re on the left coast, nothing’s going on.


Man, I don’t know about you, but Saturday, I’m getting up bright and early and heading over to Dodge City, Kansas, for the “Santa Fe Trail ‘Gunsmoke’ Masquerade 5K” (starting at 7am) which annually draws some eighty thousand fans of the television show “Gunsmoke” and other Old West drag lovers for a fun romp down the dusty streets of a dying Plains city.  Keep an eye out for Old Dirty Willy and his kabob truck, they’re falafel-humping goodness.  After that exertion, I’m going to hope in my IROC and blast over to The Pantry Restaurant in Sterling Heights, Michigan for some delicious breakfast specials and special celebrity sightings (I had a fluffernutter sandwich one night with Jack Bauer, inspiration for Kiefer Sutherland’s character’s name on “24”).  Plan to spend the day in Bend, Oregon, at the Alphonse D’Amato Festival, the country’s only celebration of the life and public service of New York Senator Al D’Amato.  You’ll have your breath taken away as you watch the spectacle of a giant papier mâché D’Amato fight against a giant pencil (you’ll lose your breath by seeing lots of Oregon’s finest babes at the fest as well).  Dinner will definitely be at Los Angeles’ chic Cafe La Boheme, where my buddy Wil Wheaton, who works the door, has confirmed that the entire cast of next year’s disaster blockbuster called “M. Night Shymalan presents…” will be eating at the corner table! Show up, grab a table, and be seen.  For after dinner, I wish I could make it to NYC for the hot party at Club No Name on E. 99th for Moby’s Karaoke show or the insanity that will be the Met Opera’s annual “Orgy for Organs” debauchery, but I’ll be driving down to New Orleans with my girl, internationally famous socialite Paris Schwartz, to Club Pepper Schwantz, for the special night of music performed by Peebo Bryson.  Also wish I could clone myself and head out to Montana’s Big Horn Comedy Club for their crazy “Legends of Black Comedy” starring Sinbad marathon.


Ah, the day of rest, you know your boy is gonna give you some great Sunday Morning Coming Down events, right? First, head to Louisville for a Hot Brown at the Brown Hotel (tell her I sent you, wink wink).  Then, I know I’m driving up to Philly to enjoy the beautiful people watching at the Cheesesteak World Eatoff, then wind down the weekend with a little jaunt over to Amarillo for a casual supper at the Big Texan.  Head home, fall asleep, do whatever you need to until next weekend.  Ciao.


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