It Came From – The Vaselines and more

First, two indie pop singles –

The Scottish band TheVaselines had their heyday in the late 80’s – early 90’s and have reformed to release their second comeback album called “Sex With an X.”  A nice slice of indie pop, resplendid with hand claps, jangly guitars and nice boy/girl vocal interplay.  A fun track, I’d be interested to check out the full album. Download from Glorious Noise or right click/save as.

The blog Vague Space has a few songs on their “New Music Tuesday” page and one of the tracks is number one on the Hot Tracks. No Age is a duo based out of Los Angeles.  The song available for preview, “Glitter,” is a nice fuzzy pop song, a perfect addition to your playlist entitled “songs for my future movie soundtrack.”  Download from Vague Space or right click/save as.

Next, two hip hop tracks is a great music blog known for a weekly Friday Mixtape of good new tracks. The last installment featured new songs by Andre 3000, the other half of OutKast, and Kanye West.  I’ve been a fan of both artists and was excited to check out the songs.

Andre 3000 has released a track entitled “I Do,” and it’s pretty slight fare.  Intriguing are the horns and soul sample, but Andre sounds unmotivated in his vocals.  Oh well, it might be worth checking out if you’re a Outkast fan, but I’d say this is a disappointment.  Download from or right click/save as.

Kanye West has a new album that will come out sometime this year has already featured one great song (“Power”) and now we get “See Me Now,” featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson (from Gap Band fame). The new album, the first after Kanye’s curve ball 808’s and Heartbreaks, sounds like it’s going to be a monster hit. The song is great, a nice mix of R&B and Kanye’s decent rapping. Excellent track. Download from or right click/save as.

Finally, we come to the end with a Weezer track.  I should have given up on this band back when the Green album was released, which was fun but slight, but I’ve stuck with them through all of their subsequent fun but slight albums.  The next album, entitled “Hurley” and featuring an album cover of Hurley from “Lost,” is sure to be a hit but I’ll probably continue my streak of not really caring. The track, entitled “Memories,” is power chord fun. Download it from Ground Control or right click/save as.


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