It Came From – The Vaselines and more

First, two indie pop singles –

The Scottish band TheVaselines had their heyday in the late 80’s – early 90’s and have reformed to release their second comeback album called “Sex With an X.”  A nice slice of indie pop, resplendid with hand claps, jangly guitars and nice boy/girl vocal interplay.  A fun track, I’d be interested to check out the full album. Download from Glorious Noise or right click/save as.

The blog Vague Space has a few songs on their “New Music Tuesday” page and one of the tracks is number one on the Hot Tracks. No Age is a duo based out of Los Angeles.  The song available for preview, “Glitter,” is a nice fuzzy pop song, a perfect addition to your playlist entitled “songs for my future movie soundtrack.”  Download from Vague Space or right click/save as.

Next, two hip hop tracks is a great music blog known for a weekly Friday Mixtape of good new tracks. The last installment featured new songs by Andre 3000, the other half of OutKast, and Kanye West.  I’ve been a fan of both artists and was excited to check out the songs.

Andre 3000 has released a track entitled “I Do,” and it’s pretty slight fare.  Intriguing are the horns and soul sample, but Andre sounds unmotivated in his vocals.  Oh well, it might be worth checking out if you’re a Outkast fan, but I’d say this is a disappointment.  Download from or right click/save as.

Kanye West has a new album that will come out sometime this year has already featured one great song (“Power”) and now we get “See Me Now,” featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson (from Gap Band fame). The new album, the first after Kanye’s curve ball 808’s and Heartbreaks, sounds like it’s going to be a monster hit. The song is great, a nice mix of R&B and Kanye’s decent rapping. Excellent track. Download from or right click/save as.

Finally, we come to the end with a Weezer track.  I should have given up on this band back when the Green album was released, which was fun but slight, but I’ve stuck with them through all of their subsequent fun but slight albums.  The next album, entitled “Hurley” and featuring an album cover of Hurley from “Lost,” is sure to be a hit but I’ll probably continue my streak of not really caring. The track, entitled “Memories,” is power chord fun. Download it from Ground Control or right click/save as.


Ask the Doctorates: Promised Snip

Dear Doctorates – I am angry with my husband and I don’t know what to do. I’m in my late 30’s and have been married to my husband for the seven years. We have one child.  When we married, I told him that I didn’t want to have any kids, but over time, he wore me down with his desire for a kid and we reached a comprimise.  We both agreed that we would have one kid and then he would get a vasectomy. Well, the kid is here, and I am still adamant that I don’t want another child, but he hasn’t gone to get the procedure.  We’ve had fights, and he accuses me of nagging him. His only excuse is that he’s not ready yet. What should I do?

That sounds like a tough situation, and it is a very good sign that you are willing to communicate and reached out for help.  I have great news – vasectomies are reversible!  That means that you and your husband can always change your mind and reverse the operation later, so the pressure is off.  I think that know how you feel – I spent a lot of time researching vasectomies and having family discussions.  My wife was pushing me really hard to have the procedure done a few years ago.  We had one kid and, honestly, she just really couldn’t handle another.  Anyway, she was pushing and pushing for the operation, and one weekend she had a high school reunion in Ithica.  A weekend without her prattle sure sounded good to me so I stayed home.  When she got back she talked and talked about how much all these people that I didn’t know had changed, blah blah blah.  Then she gave me this sob story about some guy that had finally lost all his weight and put himself back together, etc.  Well, when she talked about this guy I happened to see her eyes, and when she saw me looking she got all defensive, I knew that I had finally, FINALLY caught that lying, cheating slut in the act.  She denied it, of course, but I went out and blew our entire checking account on this divorce lawyer and there wasn’t a dime left for that whore and her bastard offspring.  But today, I have a beautiful baby boy with Kathy (the former best friend of my ex, but Kathey couldn’t stand her either, lol!), and we’re eagerly waiting for a baby girl to join our family in a few months.  I love my son so much.  Honestly, looking back, I don’t know why I stayed with my first wife as long as I did.
Anyway, vasectomies are reversible, and they’re no big deal.  Just communicate that to your husband as clearly as you can – Kathy and I can tell you that communication is the key to a great marriage.  Good luck!
Dr. K is a government intellectual property expert. He has a PhD in Biology.

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Double D’s Partyin’ the USA – Things to Do This Weekend

From special contributor Davey “Double D” Dombrowsky, professional man about towns and raconteur.  Double D knows what to you should do this weekend.



After waking up from Thursday’s get together at the Top of the Standard in NYC’s Meatpacking District (it’s always a late night when hanging with Leo…DiMarco, part-time ‘tender of Greenwich’s Slaughtered Lamb Pub), you’ll want to head on over to The Central New York Modern Art Expo Center on W. 55th from 2-7pm for their 4th annual “Art Splat and Egg Sale,” where you can get some awesome poached eggs and egg-based artwork.  I picked up a Damian Hurzt “Poop Egg” last year and I’ll keep my eye out for other valuable ovum.  After that, get out of the Why-C, cause it’s dead on Fridays, and head down to Wilmington, Delaware for dinner at Charcoal Pit on Concord Pike, where I have it on good authority (a certain hottie from Delaware, Valerie Bertinelli, total cougar yum) that this is the place to spot some A-listers like Justine Bieber (sister of Justin and star of the new Family Ties webisodes) and good friend (and, oh, VP of the USA) Joe Biden.  After you fill up on their black and white shakes, head down to D.C.’s “Race Relations Ball and Car Auction” in Friendship Heights from 6-11pm.  If that’s not enough, you can head over to hot club UltraBar in D.C., where you can dance to super-DJ Skeet Skeet and hang out with reality star Missy Dugout from MTV’s “Sober Academy House.”  If you’re looking for a quieter awesome night out in the mid-West, you have to get out to Des Moines’ own Twisted Parrot Lounge and meet Gassy Gus of Frankie & KoKo Morning ShowShow fame (appearance from 8-10pm) and the Hot 107 FM PregBabes.  If you’re on the left coast, nothing’s going on.


Man, I don’t know about you, but Saturday, I’m getting up bright and early and heading over to Dodge City, Kansas, for the “Santa Fe Trail ‘Gunsmoke’ Masquerade 5K” (starting at 7am) which annually draws some eighty thousand fans of the television show “Gunsmoke” and other Old West drag lovers for a fun romp down the dusty streets of a dying Plains city.  Keep an eye out for Old Dirty Willy and his kabob truck, they’re falafel-humping goodness.  After that exertion, I’m going to hope in my IROC and blast over to The Pantry Restaurant in Sterling Heights, Michigan for some delicious breakfast specials and special celebrity sightings (I had a fluffernutter sandwich one night with Jack Bauer, inspiration for Kiefer Sutherland’s character’s name on “24”).  Plan to spend the day in Bend, Oregon, at the Alphonse D’Amato Festival, the country’s only celebration of the life and public service of New York Senator Al D’Amato.  You’ll have your breath taken away as you watch the spectacle of a giant papier mâché D’Amato fight against a giant pencil (you’ll lose your breath by seeing lots of Oregon’s finest babes at the fest as well).  Dinner will definitely be at Los Angeles’ chic Cafe La Boheme, where my buddy Wil Wheaton, who works the door, has confirmed that the entire cast of next year’s disaster blockbuster called “M. Night Shymalan presents…” will be eating at the corner table! Show up, grab a table, and be seen.  For after dinner, I wish I could make it to NYC for the hot party at Club No Name on E. 99th for Moby’s Karaoke show or the insanity that will be the Met Opera’s annual “Orgy for Organs” debauchery, but I’ll be driving down to New Orleans with my girl, internationally famous socialite Paris Schwartz, to Club Pepper Schwantz, for the special night of music performed by Peebo Bryson.  Also wish I could clone myself and head out to Montana’s Big Horn Comedy Club for their crazy “Legends of Black Comedy” starring Sinbad marathon.


Ah, the day of rest, you know your boy is gonna give you some great Sunday Morning Coming Down events, right? First, head to Louisville for a Hot Brown at the Brown Hotel (tell her I sent you, wink wink).  Then, I know I’m driving up to Philly to enjoy the beautiful people watching at the Cheesesteak World Eatoff, then wind down the weekend with a little jaunt over to Amarillo for a casual supper at the Big Texan.  Head home, fall asleep, do whatever you need to until next weekend.  Ciao.

Gotta Make That Change: Grocery Edition

Marking the 400th day since the loss of Michael Jackson, The Standard Standard continues to celebrate the life and message of the King of Pop through the on-going essay series, “Gotta Make That Change.”  Following the spirit of Jackson’s hit song, “Man in the Mirror,” the essays target a way to improve the world by making that change. 


We live in an increasingly difficult time to live our harried lives.  Surprisingly, with all of the technological marvels that promise us more time to spend in leisure or with our loved ones, I still feel like there isn’t enough time.  There are everyday hassles that take precious chunks of time that could be better spent enriching the lives of my neighbors or creating lasting impressions on the elderly.  From waiting at cumbersome traffic lights, pausing for blasted commercial breaks during essential viewings of television (or the delay of waiting for my DVR to fast forward through the commercials), to ambling from parking lot to store entrance, seconds and even minutes are bled away from me, precious time that spills away until all I can see is the gaping maw on death’s cackling face.

It is imperative that we do more to save us time, to change the world, and it starts with you, producers of food stuffs that sit on our local grocery store shelves.  I’ll be the first to admit that we, as a modern American society, are more juvenile in mindset than any American generation since the silly boobs of the 1860’s.  With the unending bombardment of cellular signals and the feeding of our brains with terrible entertainment options, we are a crass collective who have a childish sense of humor permanently imprinted in our psyches: I don’t know about you, but I’ve wasted so much time guffawing at products that shopping for food has become an endeavor that takes more than an hour. 

I present a list of product names that need to be changed so that we can stop tittering, quicken shopping, and get to living.

 Salted Nuts

Poppy Cock

Head Cheese


Creamed anything

Spotted Dick

Fluffer Nutter


Honey Smacks


Poultry Breasts


Pound cake

Popcorn (too close to poop corn)

Mississippi Mud Cake




Cock Sauce

This is not an exhaustive list but you get the picture.  If we were to change/eliminate these items from our shopping lists, imagine how much more efficient we’ll be. No more wasting all that time bent over in laughter because of creamed corn.  It is time we accepted the fact that we’re all giggling simpletons that need guidance.  Do the right thing, food purveyors, and save us from ourselves.

The opinions expressed in this essay do not reflect the opinions or views of The Standard Standard, its advertisers, writers, editors, other employees, or the author of this essay.

It came from – The Roots, “How I Got Over” and more

After the last two downer releases, and a new gig as house band for the Jimmy Fallon show, I for one wasn’t expecting a good showing from South Philly’s Roots crew.  The new album, “How I Got Over,” features a return to the sounds of their earlier records with an emphasis on a soulfulness, a marked departure of their recent recordings. 

The two tracks for preview are the title track (featuring Dice Raw), a meditation on the streets that plays over a funky soul beat, and the song “Dear God 2.0” which features a sample of  Jim Jones and the Monsters of Folk.  Both singles are wonderfully roomy and great listens. 

Download How I Got Over from The New Montreal.

Download Dear God 2.0 from Backseat Sandbar.

While at the Backseat Sandbar page, download the track “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells, a great summer track that will definitely be a contender for my end of the year top 25 tracks.  Fun, breathy girl vocals over laid back pop instrumentation, it’s everything you want while driving down a sun-drenched highway (they’ve even got fingersnaps!).

If you don’t like Outkast, then you probably need to jump off a bridge and kill yourself.  Yes, that’s how I feel about the duo from the ATL, who match propulsive beats that force movement from stiff limbs with an entertaining sense of lyrical humor in their rapping.  Now comes a solo record from Big Boi, the lothario of the duo, that is essentially one long come-on made listenable due to the same dynamic of Outkast success: big bass and creativity.  “Shutterbug,” a track featuring Cutty, is a bouncy track that should be playing at the clubs right now.  “Lookin’ For You,” the only track that features Andre 3000 (who apparently was kept from the project due to record company politics), is a more straightforward song compared to the more creative “Shutterbug,” but leaves the Outkast fan wanting the duo to come out with a new Outkast record.

Download the tracks “Shutterbug” and “Lookin’ For You” from Musical Pairings.